Leng-d'Or en las ferias del sector

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Discover All The Snack Innovation You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Anticipate Trends With Our Expert-Approved Snack Innovation.
Taste, test and compare products from hundreds of snack exhibitors on the show floor, including everything from big brands to cutting-edge innovations that haven’t even reached store shelves yet. At Expo, you can explore more new and innovative chips, cookies, crackers, breakfast bars, popcorn, nuts, seeds, and meat snacks than at any other show.

Gain The Insights You Need To Attract Shoppers—No Matter Where They Are.
Uncover trends in snacking occasions and flavors, e-commerce, multi-cultural snacking, seasonal ideas and more in a variety of 30-minute learning labs.

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L E N G - D ' O R


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