These recipes are taken from Leng-d'Or’s 50th anniversary book.

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Ingredients (for 4 people)

Thai basil jelly

- 100 g. Thai basil leaves
- 800 g. TPT
- 12 g. agar

Green apple jelly

- 700 g. green apple pulp
- 5,5 g. agar
- 2 sheets of gelatin
- 200 g. yuzu juice

Pineapple sorbet

- 1 l. de pineapple pulp
- 80 g. sorbet stabilizer
- 50 g. pineapple sugar
- 10 g. white rum

Pineapple merengue

- 230 g. pineapple juice
- 15 g. powdered egg albumin
- 35 g. sugar

Dry celery merengue

- 250 g. celery juice
- 1.5 g. celery salt
- 17 g. powdered egg whites
- 60 g. icing sugar

Bergamot cream

- 6 eggs
- 110 g. bergamot orange pulp
- 70 g. sugar
- 12 g. corn starch
- 15 g. butter

Other ingredients

- Fennel bulb
- Apple cubes
- Black olives
- Fresh celery stalk
- Small green chervil leaves, shiso, atchina and pineapple sage
- Bluefin tuna steak
- Leng-d'Or Apple Straws


1. Blanch the basil leaves in boiling water and quickly place in ice water. Strain the leaves and blend along with the TPT. Add the agar, rapidly bring to a boil and then chill. Once the gelatin has set, blend in a Thermomix on maximum speed until a smooth jelly is obtained.

2. Place 500 g. of apple pulp in the Thermomix along with the agar and heat to 100 <222/>C, then add the gelatin sheets. Mix well, remove and cool. Once cold, mix along with the rest of the pulp and the yuzu juice in a Thermomix.

3. Blend all the ingredients, leave them in a walk-in freezer for 24 hours, then mix once again and place in a PacoJet mold. Once frozen, use the PacoJet to obtain a well-mixed, creamy sorbet.

4. Place the pineapple pulp and egg whites in a KitchenAid mixer, and once they are well-whisked, slowly add the sugar. Put aside.

5. Bring together the merengue in a KitchenAid mixer, adding the icing sugar last. Spread on baking paper and place in a dehydrater to dry.

6. Mix all the ingredients well, except for the butter. Cook in a double-boiler until a cream with the desired texture is obtained. Once removed from the heat, add the butter and continue to mix with a whisk. Let cool. Once cold, whisk well until the mixture becomes a smooth and homogenous cream.

7. Cut the fennel into sticks, blanch and cook in syrup. Cut the green apple into cubes. Remove the olive pits, dry the olives and then grind them into a fine powder. Cut the celery sticks into very thin slices and place them in ice water. Clean the tuna steak and cut it into small cubes.


Plating and Presentation

.Decorate the plate with the basil and apple jellies. Plate the apple cubes, the celery sticks and the fennel sticks in a circle, and then place the pineapple sorbet and the merengue on top. Add drops of bergamot cream and then position the tuna cubes around the dish, sprinkling the black olive powder over them. Finish the plate with the chervil leaves, the dry celery merengue and the Leng-d'Or Apple Straws.



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