These recipes are taken from Leng-d'Or’s 50th anniversary book.

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Ingredients (for 4 people)

To make the pil pil liver sauce

- 1 fresh duck liver
- 8 hake cheeks
- Hake head stock, reduced until it has a jelly-like texture

Barbecue sauce

Add the following to an American barbeque sauce recipe:
- Chinkiang vinegar
- Loquats
- Chinese 5 spice powder
- Maltose

Other ingredients

- 1 finger lime
- Cocoa powder
- Straw mushrooms
- Leng-d'Or White Dufitos


1. Cut the duck liver, place it in a vacuum bag and steam at 85 <192/>C for 20 minutes until the fat melts. Remove the fat. Place the fat and the hake cheeks in a sauté pan. Cook at 65 ºC, adding a small amount of the hake head stock to thicken the pil pil sauce.

2. Season the traditional barbeque sauce with the previously-mentioned ingredients to taste.

3. Boil the straw mushrooms with salt for 5 minutes and then brown in a pan. Peel the finger lime and put the pulp aside. Grind the Leng-d'Or White Dufitos to a powder in a Thermomix.


Plating and Presentation

Place the finger lime pulp on the plate, then place the hake cheeks on top and cover with the thickened pil pil liver sauce. Add the mushrooms and drops of barbeque sauce. Finally, serve with the White Dufito powder with a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top.



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