These recipes are taken from Leng-d'Or’s 50th anniversary book.

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Ingredients (for 4 personas)


- 12 stalks lemon grass
- 80 g. kaffir lime
- 2 kg. prawns
- 1 kg. baby clams
- 2 kg. monkfish heads
- 250 g. shallots - 180 g. ginger
- 8 l. water
- 100 g. palm sugar
- 100 g. Tom Yam paste

Coconut and pocha bean emulsion

- 1 kg. fresh pocha beans
- 200 g. chicken stock
- 28 g. agar
- 700 ml. coconut milk

Pickled mussels emulsion

- 480 g. pickled mussels
- 10 g. paprika
- 50 ml. olive oil

Other ingredients

- 4 uds. green coconuts
- 4 rings red onion
- 4 medium sardines
- 250 g. fresh cockles
- 100 g. cooked pocha beans
- Leng-d'Or potato crepes


1. Put all the ingredients except the palm sugar, Tom Yam paste and 500 g. of the prawns in a pan and cook to a boil. Let boil for at least 40 minutes, then remove from heat and strain.

Put the strained liquid back into the pan and boil once again along with the remainder of the prawns and the Tom Yam paste. Add salt, sugar and chili to taste. Strain and put aside.

2. Peel the fresh pocha beans and cook slowly in 300 ml. of coconut milk and 100 ml. chicken stock. Once cooked, drain and put in a Thermomix with 100 ml. chicken stock and the agar for 15 minutes at 100 <208/>C. Remove, allow to set and then mix once again in the Thermomix with 300 ml. coconut milk until creamy. Put aside.

3. In the Thermomix, combine pickled mussels with paprika and olive oil for 4 minutes.

4. Clean the sardines and twist each one into a roll. Cook the cockles in salted water for 1 minute. Cut the coconuts.


Plating and Presentation

Heat up the stew, mix in thermomix and add a small amount of lime juice. Place a small amount of cooked pocha beans and two mussels into the coconut and cover with the blended stew. Sprinkle with kaffir lime zest and a red onion slice. Brown the sardines in a pan and place each one on top of a Leng-d'Or potato crepe. Add a small amount of the mussel emulsion, pocha beans with coconut emulsion, and on top, a cockle.



L E N G - D ' O R


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